Tap Shoes Canada is delighted to offer a new program called “Encores”. Our buy-back program will allow you trade in your previously loved Miller & Bens for cash or a deposit towards a new pair of shoes!

If you are the owner of a previously loved pair that no longer fits you or doesn’t match your new costume, simply take some photos, use our return shipping to send them back to us. After thorough inspection we’ll be able to offer you cash or an even larger credit towards a new pair. These shoes will be priced according to their use, date of manufacture and condition. Our “Encores” program will allow dancers will all budgets to wear the world’s finest tap instruments.

To submit your shoes for consideration for an "Encore" please send 7 images: Top, Bottom, Side 1, Side 2, Front, Back and Interior to tapshoescanada@gmail.com

The shoes below have been inspected & restored and are ready for their Encore performances.

**Sorry, offer not valid for US customers