A line of dance inspired jewelry that is proudly made in Canada.

The Rhythm Jewellery goldsmiths hand-craft pieces that represent the dedication dancers possess. Each piece represents the countless hours, perseverance and the creativity that lives inside you. Made from the highest quality of sterling silver and 10 karat gold in small hand finished batches, our jewellery is a true reflection of who you are at your core.  No matter where life takes you or what may come, you will always and forever be a dancer. 

Made by artist for artists.

Little Tapper Necklace
  • From $98.00
Simply Tap Necklace
  • From $109.00
Rhythmic Scarf
  • $115.00
Count In Dancer Necklace
  • From $115.00
The Count Necklace
  • From $125.00
Dance Pulse Necklace
  • From $95.00
Forever Dance Necklace
  • From $155.00
Dance Teacher Key Necklace
  • From $115.00
Dance Mom Key Necklace
  • From $115.00
'Fundamentals' - Tap Shoe Earrings in Walnut
  • $39.00
Tap Dancer Key Chain
  • $22.00
Tap Shoe Christmas Ornament
  • $22.00
Santa's Favourite Dancer Christmas Ornament
  • $22.00