Shoe Care


Don't forget to polish your shoes. Take care of your shoes by maintaining a good polishing routine. This will keep your shoes looking new and beautiful onstage and off. Check with your local cobbler for a variety of high-quality polish and shoe creams.


Polishing Tips

Clean your shoes with a damp soft rag.

Cover your shoe with a generous amount of polish using a dedicated shoe brush. Be sure to match the colour of your polish to your shoes. Allow 15 minutes for the polish to dry. 

Vigorously brush your shoes using a soft horsehair brush.

Buff your newly polished shoes with a fresh cotton shine cloth. Gently remove the excess polish and this will restore the lustre and shine of your tap shoes. 



Your taps have been perfectly installed by professional cobblers. This technique was overseen by Avi Miller and Ofer Ben to ensure a lasting adherence of your taps to your shoe. Inevitably, over time, you may lose a screw. There also may be a time when you have worn down your taps and require replacements. 


Repair Guide

When you lose a screw, replace it as soon as possible. Fill the entire hole with toothpicks. Break off the rest of the toothpicks. Bond the toothpicks to the sole using a flexible adhesive. We recommend Gorilla Glue. Re-install a fresh screw in the hole. Let it dry. 

The industry standard tap screw is a Phillips #4 3/8 screw. Our preferred screw size for installation and repair is a stainless steel Phillips #4 1/2 screw. 

Depending on where you live, the necessary Phillips tap screws may be difficult to find. Consider purchasing the Tap Shoes Canada Repair Kit. It will provide you with everything you need to fix your shoes.


Colour Touch-ups

Tap Shoes Canada sells the world re-known Angelus leather paints. If you wish to refresh the colour of your tap shoes, please explore our line of leather paints and find the closest match to your shoes.


Tap Wraps

Your Miller & Ben tap shoes come with fun “Tap Wraps.” These fabulous pull-on shoe covers are designed to protect your tap shoes during transportation. They are also clever to wear when making a silent entrance to the stage!