Fitting & Sizing

If you are located in or planning to visit the Greater Toronto Area area we can arrange a one-on-one fitting at our Etobicoke location. If you are located outside the GTA area we offer several options to ensure you find your perfect fit.
Canadian Customers
For $40, we will ship several pairs of shoes to your door. You may keep a pair and return the others or return all of them if you are choosing a custom design. Shipping usually takes 3-4 days in Ontario and 7-10 days for the rest of Canada.
The First Step
Begin by searching inside several pairs of your shoes for your European size (EUR). It is often listed beside the US size on the label. Your size may vary between several pairs of shoes. Find the most common size in this range. Miller & Ben Tap shoes span from European size 34 to 50 and in half size denominations. We have options for Narrow, Regular & Wide as well as orthotic-enabled custom shoes.
Fitting with Xesto Foot Scan App
Iphone users can download the Xesto Fit App. This incredible app will measure and scan your feet. It will provide detailed information about each foot using five photographs. We recommend having a partner photograph your feet while you stand in a lunge position. Your foot size should be calculated using your largest foot. Using the cm measurements on your scan, add .6cm and select your size using our sizing charts below.



Still not sure? Please contact us here and we can discuss your size to ensure the perfect fit!